A New Year – 30 Years of BAI

By January 6, 2020Uncategorized

We want to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends and associates a wonderful 2020. It’s been an interesting year full of varied engagements taking us from New Orleans to Connecticut and many places in between. At Brecht Associates our team has gone through some changes and we anticipate bringing on new consultants and growing the capabilities of many of our existing staff. I have enjoyed writing the blogs on a regular basis and they have ranged from an inspiring poem by an 89 year old friend of mine to a call for knowing who your competition really is. The latter was received by an organization whose Board had just agreed they needed to know more about the competition which led to a study to help them learn what they faced. Much has been written by periodicals including the Wall Street Journal on whether the “boomers” will want to move to senior housing. I’m one of those boomers and I’m not sure myself, but I think if we shift the psychology of the model to one that enhances the opportunities for older adult to continue to grow and engage in the outside community we’re headed in the right direction. Let’s make the “Activities Director” the “Director of Resident Engagement”.
We look forward to 2020 during which we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Brecht Associates, Inc. Help us celebrate that milestone.