The Brecht Story

Thirty-three years ago, I started Brecht Associates, a small consulting firm dedicated to supporting clients who serve the senior housing market throughout the country. I believed that a dedicated group of knowledgeable and talented people could combine expertise and bring insightful advisory services to our clients. That meant saying yes when the market supported their plans and no when the market wasn’t sufficient. And sometimes it was “no but try this instead”. We celebrate the expertise of each consultant, yet recognize that our collective knowledge is the key component in achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Trust is a fundamental part of our working philosophy. Our studies are used for planning and are accepted by financial institutions nationwide. Over the years, Brecht has become a nationally known brand. Now, in our thirty-third year, we continue to play a vital advisory role to organizations in the senior housing and care industry. We believe in sharing our knowledge by speaking at annual national and state conferences and publishing monthly blogs.