What’s So Great About Normal?

By March 8, 2021Uncategorized

Aside from the fact that “the new normal” is now such an overused phrase, what else can we say about it.? Normal is defined as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”. Is that really what we want to aspire to in all aspects of the senior living field? It seems to me that it is a minimum standard and that we should all strive to exceed the minimum. From a provider’s perspective, the minimum will not help you stand out among your competition. It’s a baseline which operators should seek to exceed in as many ways as possible. Average food quality won’t cause residents to want to use the dining rooms. Average amenities are the least one might expect. Using tried and true (formerly) approaches to attracting the interest of prospects may not get them in your door – physically or virtually. As market feasibility consultants, we must always evaluate how we are assessing the market for our clients. Are we doing everything we can to properly define the market area for a new development? Are we using all available resources to identify both existing and new or planned competitors? Are we making reasonable assumptions to size the target market and factor in the impact of competition? After more than 30 years as a leading firm in conducting market studies, I can safely say that seeking to go beyond “normal” has often led me to re-evaluate my approach to my work and achieve breakthroughs that increased the reliability of the results.