Of the many facets of nursing care – what’s best for us?

Nursing care can seem complex and even outmoded these days. You may be wondering if you should keep and modernize your long term care beds, reduce your long term beds while expanding your short term rehabilitation capacity or do away with nursing care altogether and allow your residents to live out their lives with special care in your assisted living facility. Brecht can provide you with the guidance and appropriate solutions for the future of your nursing facility.

  • Long Term Care Standard and Memory Care Bed Demand
    Using proprietary methods created by Brecht Associates, we can determine the bed need within your market area for standard long term care beds as well as beds dedicated to memory care services for those with severe dementia. Our analysis uses nationally recognized utilization and prevalence data to assess market need. We can also project the bed need for private pay and Medicaid residents.
  • Short-term Rehabilitation Analysis
    In order to evaluate the specific need for skilled nursing and rehabilitation beds in your facility, we identify the major acute care and rehabilitation hospitals serving the market area and conduct a hospital referrals analysis using data from the American Hospital Directory. Analyzing the number and zip code origin of hospital discharges, we assess available Medicare referrals for your nursing facility as well as competing facilities. The amount of Medicare short term rehabilitation referrals that you may expect and the associated number of nursing beds that are required are determined.
  • Rightsizing Analysis
    Communities often evolve over time, adding and removing beds in their nursing facilities, attempting to find the right balance of beds to meet the needs of their independent living, assisted living and memory care residents. As a result, often the number of beds and units within a retirement community are out of balance with the overall goals of the organization.The rightsizing analysis determines the appropriate size and ratio of nursing beds relative to your existing independent living and assisted living units. The analysis incorporates an examination of the flow from one level of care to another within your organization and compares your current configuration to national data for more recently developed CCRCs. Based upon our understanding of local market conditions, your goal as a provider and the results of these analyses, we make recommendations about the appropriate number of beds and units for each level of care within your continuum of care.