We know what we want to build but is that what the customer wants?

Sometimes the merits of an idea need to be tested by the individuals whose opinions matter most – the future customer. Brecht offers a number of ways in which we can gain insights on customers’ wishes.

  • Qualitative Interviews
    Qualitative Interviews are conducted with community members involved in serving the needs of seniors as well as those who interface with your potential clients on a regular basis. Qualitative interviews do not provide substantiated quantitative data, but instead provide insight into the level of acceptance of your plans, its location as well as opinions about the type of residents that may or may not be attracted to a project like the one you propose. Interviews conducted with community and civic leaders and health care and real estate professions can offer valuable insights on your proposed development. The anonymity of interviews encourages candid responses.
  • Focus Groups
    Focus Groups have a tendency to wax and wane in favor by researchers and developers alike. Like qualitative interviews, focus groups express the views of a small sample audience and can’t be viewed with the strength of quantitative data. However, a well-defined and recruited focus group can very quickly test the ideas that your developers and designers put forth. Will the customer want what you offer? Do they like your design? Do they find the price acceptable for services rendered? Answers to these questions can provide valuable (cost- and time-saving) insights that ensure a planned project’s success.