Last month, I finished reading the book Americanah by a Nigerian author named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is an incredible story of a Nigerian woman who immigrates to America and becomes famous with her blog about Black Americans and Black Non-Americans. Her blog entries are all included in the book.

Of course, this made me think about our new website which has a blog. Our website designer asked the team to name the blog. We came up with many ideas for naming the Brecht blog. The names that really stood out contained the word “Boomer” because so much of what we do is does or will have an impact on Baby Boomers. And many of us are part of the Boomer generation.

The name we settled on was Notes from a Boomer. The name gives us latitude to write about various topics from the boomer point of view – like Don’t Call Me A Senior, Aging in Community vs. Aging in Place, What Boomers Look for in Housing Later in Life, etc.  We hope the emails and blog posts will be as fun and interesting for you as it will be for us to write.

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