We have a great reputation – but are we still offering a competitive product?

You have what your competitors probably don’t have – an excellent reputation that you developed over decades. Even so – depending on how your market has evolved, it may well be that your competition has not only increased but some of your amenities are beginning to look a little dated.

Today’s customers seek offerings that don’t look or feel the same as what family members used in earlier decades and Baby Boomers hope to change the definition of retirement and aging altogether. Over time, established senior care companies may need to critically assess their offerings compared with new marketplace offerings.

Sometimes an outside set of eyes is what’s needed. Brecht Associates can assist in a number of ways:

  • Site Survey
    Brecht will visit your community to get a full picture of your offerings. Interviews with your key staff will give insights into what they are hearing, what feedback they are getting from the customer.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Detailed Competitive Analysis data will compare what is available at what you consider to be the other communities that seniors and families are looking at when they look at you. How do your amenities and services compare? How does their market positon compare to yours? What incentives or upgrades are other communities in your market area offering?
  • Lost Prospect Surveys
    Lost Prospect Surveys help understand why people did not choose you. While surveying and listening to prospective residents who did not choose your community (a.k.a. lost prospects) we learn opinions and responses to questions asked and serve as a neutral third party while participants maintain their anonymity and the satisfaction of having their opinions and ideas heard.
  • Recent Movers
    More than a “resident satisfaction” survey, Brecht engages residents recently moved to your community in a dialogue exploring what other options they considered, what were the hardest decisions they had to make and how did they overcome them and perceptions of the moving into your community and becoming fully engaged. Survey design involves client input.

These elements can be combined with any of the other services found on our Services page.