Virtual Focus Groups

By June 4, 2020Uncategorized

Did you have focus groups on your marketing plan for 2020? Are you interested in reaching your local market area? Wouldn’t it be great to ask age and income qualified people a series of questions regarding your community, offerings and services? Right now is an excellent time to make sure that your marketing and communications plans are based on what your prospects actually say they are interested in and concerned about. We are offering a new service, reimagined virtual focus groups.    Thanks to the Zoom platform it is easy to reach out to the folks you want to hear from, and test new ideas and services, plans for expansions or changes to your community – or just to learn what is on the minds of people in your target market. 

Through virtual focus groups we can learn more about what the market is currently looking for and how it will respond to our changing world. One of the primary purposes of the focus groups is to provide an informal setting for participants to provide their feelings and reactions.  Focus groups work whether they are in person or virtual.

We understand that the virus is causing people to rethink seniors housing since the media seems to conflate nursing homes with all forms of serving seniors in a communal setting.  We think it is important for you to learn what you may be up against so you can work more effectively with your target market. And you can continue to test new ideas, new services and plans for expansion or new development.

We can recruit participants, even working from your communities’ prospect or waitlists.  We will work with you to craft the focus group survey instrument to help answer your unique questions. Our report will summarize our findings and help guide you to next steps to optimize your goals based on participants feedback.