Getting vaccinated against Covid 19 has deservedly taken up a lot of space in the media and cases are dropping as a result.  Nonetheless, there continues to be hesitancy among some of the population.  This seems to be based on concern arising from the spread of misinformation, particularly on social media.  A strong argument can be made that getting vaccinated is not only good for you and for your loved ones, but good for the community in general.  We’re not suggesting that getting vaccinated should lead to massive gatherings of crowds at the beach or inside small, tightly packed venues.  We do believe that getting vaccinated has already proven to be an effective way of resuming something like a normal life.  Just look at the family gatherings that were portrayed on the TV coverage of Mother’s Day.  Families who hadn’t seen one another, hadn’t shared a warm hug, were finally reunited.  The emotional benefits couldn’t have been more obvious.  So, get vaccinated!  It’s free and its good for everyone.