The New Normal

By January 19, 2022Uncategorized

This phrase may be overused but what does it really mean, if anything? For the last two years and more we have been battered by the Covid 19 pandemic going from one version to a second and now a third which supposedly is less virulent than the first two. So, what have been the impacts on the senior housing industry? Zoom no longer only refers to a speed, it has become a standard way of communicating that is enhanced by our ability to “see” one another. Virtual has virtually been redefined as another way of staying in touch. While in-person conferences have been resumed, I have no doubt that their attendance has been diminished by concerns about travel and being in settings with large numbers of people. The “new normal” is a lonelier place than what we were used to. Thanks to the vaccines we all feel safer on an individual level but it doesn’t mean we will be gathering in large numbers again in the near future. But now we have time to renew old friendships and wonderful things can come of that. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And I send my best to all of you.