The Importance of Customer Service

By August 7, 2018Uncategorized

We are all customers when we go to the supermarket, the department store, a restaurant, you name it. We expect to be treated with attention and courtesy. When this is not the case, we can choose never to return to the place. Repeat business is a sign that an organization is doing something right. For example, my husband goes to the same Starbucks for the same latte every day and when he gets there, the staff greets him warmly and someone is already reaching out for his Starbucks mug and readying his beverage. He rewards them by not only tipping well but always returning. At Brecht Associates, we pride ourselves on customer service. We listen carefully to what our client is looking for, we ask probing questions at the start of the engagement and we interact with them throughout making certain that we reach concensus on assumptions like the market area definition and the age, income and market area draw to be used in the demand analysis. We deliver our reports on time and are always prepared to discuss the results of the analysis. As such, we enjoy a tremendous proportion of clients who return to us whenever they need our services. And they refer other clients which helps us grow our practice. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our growth and success. We honor and appreciate you.