Site Survey

After more than 25 years of evaluating sites for clients we are very familiar with the advantages and challenges your site has or will encounter. What is happening around your site?  What are the elements within a mile of your community that will impact how people feel about it when they arrive? Other important factors to consider include accessibility to transportation and highways, proximity to shopping, cultural, recreational and health care services, and compatibility of surrounding land uses.

The site evaluation takes into consideration our general perceptions of the site attributes and location based on our extensive experience in evaluating hundreds of senior housing sites throughout the country. The site assessment will provide further insight into the definition of the target market both geographically and in terms of the socio-economic levels of prospective residents.

For existing communities a site survey will also include other factors:

  • Is your campus within walking distance of amenities?
  • Does your campus feel safe?
  • Once on the campus is way-finding complicated?
  • Does the campus landscaping enhance the hardscape elements?
  • Do the campus buildings work together and flow so there is connectivity and a pleasing image?