Rightsizing Analysis

Shannondell14_Billiard-670_LOW-1260x800_6Communities often evolve over time, adding and merging apartments to their campuses at every level of care including independent living, assisted living, dementia care and nursing care. As a result, often the number of units and beds within a CCRC are out of balance with the overall goals of the organization.

The rightsizing analysis determines the appropriate size and ratios of various independent living, assisted living and nursing levels of care found in a CCRC. The analysis incorporates an examination of the flow from one level of care to another within your community with the results of the market depth analyses. It also compares the current configuration of the CCRC to national data for more recently developed CCRCs. Based upon our understanding of local market conditions, your goal as a provider and the results of these analyses, we make recommendations about the appropriate number of units/beds for each level of care within the CCRC including a determination as to whether the number of units/beds at each level may need to increase or decrease.