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New Principles for Market Analysis

How do we evaluate opportunities for development of all forms of senior housing before proceeding with development and how do the market data affect the final product: services, fee structure, unit types and amenities? What data and methodologies are important in the financing sector, including investors, banks, and other sources? How important is it to study the market before financing a project? And what are the elements of an accurate market analysis? This paper, which is the result of the work of a national task force, addresses all of these questions and more in the context of today’s senior living environment.

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Analyzing Seniors Housing Markets

Susan B. Brecht, Urban Land Institute, 2002

This book examines the complexities of seniors’ housing markets and explains what developers, investors, and other professionals need to know to understand and operate in these specialized niches. Beginning with a historical overview of seniors’ housing, the book goes on to explain the details of market analysis, consumer research, market segmentation, financial analysis, market maturation versus market saturation, and gauging performance of seniors’ housing. Three case studies of regional markets are also included comparing the development trends of both independent and assisted living within each market.

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Livable Communities for Aging Populations

Susan Brecht contributed several chapters to this book, written by an architect, M. Scott Ball. With expertise in design for an aging society, this is a guide to urban planning and urban design solutions to accommodate the needs of a population aging in place in both existing and new communities of various scales. Complete with case studies of successful communities, the book shows how, through (social, economic, transportation, and public health) policy, land use, and urban design decisions, a community can allow for residents to age in place gracefully.

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Published Articles and White Papers

National Survey of Family Members of Residents Living in Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Brecht Associates, Inc. in partnership with Ziegler and Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging, December 2011.

Preparing for the Future: Trends in Continuing Care Retirement Communities by Susan B. Brecht, Sandra Fein, and Linda Hollinger- Smith, NIC Seniors Housing and Care Journal, Volume 16, Number 1, 2009.

Demand Terminology: Finding Common Ground. A White Paper in collaboration with Brecht Associates, Dixon Hughes, Hamlyn Senior Research, New Life Management, Parente Randolph and facilitated by Ziegler Capital Markets, October 2008.

The Impact of Erickson Communities on Existing Markets by Susan B. Brecht, Kathryn L. Brod and Nicole D. Muller, NIC Seniors Housing and Care Journal, Volume 16, Number 1, 2008.

Comparing Active Adult and Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Competitors or Compliments? By Susan B. Brecht and Anthony J. Mullen, NIC Seniors Housing and Care Journal, Volume 14, Number 1, 2006.