Real Estate Trends Analysis

Shannondell_RealEstate_6Determining the value of real estate within your market area and near your community is important to both rental and entrance fee communities, particularly when establishing entrance and monthly fees associated with a development. The ability to compare home values in the Project zip code with the surrounding area provides an insight into the desirability of the Project neighborhood. Additionally, real estate values provide a very accurate picture of the level of income a senior will receive after investing the proceeds from the sale of their home.

MetroStudy is a division of Hanley Wood, LLC. HWMI is a real estate research firm that provides construction information for residential real estate and new home construction. Sales data is compiled from deeds collected from over 2,300 counties nationally, providing coverage of over 95% of the national housing activity. Using data provided by MetroStudy, we are able to analyze trends within your geographic area framed by the market area your community will serve.

Our real estate data analysis is based on a 12 month time period (usually the last 12 months). The data provided allows us to analyze sales price of all types of housing including condominiums and cooperatives as well as  free-standing single family homes. Data is available for the community at large and will also address  your target age groups (age 75 or older for example) and target income group and includes the following:

  • Median sales price of all homes within your defined MA by zip code
  • In the majority of cases, seniors are moving to a community like yours from the “family home”. We will analyze data regarding the median sales price of these “resale homes”.
  • Graphs and maps will illustrate the nuances of your market place.