Lost Prospect and Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Poydras_Home_3_6Seeing and understanding your product from the perspective of the customer provides valuable feedback. One way by which we collect this feedback is a Lost Prospect survey. While surveying and listening to prospective residents who did not choose your community “lost prospects” we learn opinions and responses to questions asked (and not asked) and serve as a neutral third party while participants maintain their anonymity and the satisfaction of having their opinions and ideas heard.

The same can be said of recent movers.  More than a “resident satisfaction” survey, Brecht engages recent movers in a dialogue exploring what other options they considered, what were the hardest decisions they had to make and how did they overcome them and perceptions of the moving into your community and becoming fully engaged.

Survey design involves client input. Most surveys include contact with twenty lost prospects, from a list of names supplied by the client. Lost prospect phone surveys traditionally take about twenty to thirty minutes per survey. The survey document will also include a map illustrating the location of the participants.