It’s the Best Thing We’ve Ever Done!

I admit that I have a personal connection to the couple I’m writing about in this blog, but I think their story is a great illustration of making decisions to move to senior housing. My sister-in-law and her husband live in a Life Plan Community in the Philadelphia suburbs. They actually began thinking about this move when they were in their mid-60’s/early 70’s. They are eight years apart in their ages.

They spent 10 happy and healthy years living in what had been their second home at the Jersey shore. But recognizing that they couldn’t assume they would remain healthy they began the search for their next move. They did their research and narrowed the search down to three Life Plan communities. Two were under the same non-profit ownership and the third was too far away and way too expensive. So they visited the other two. One was ruled out for some very practical reasons: very narrow hallways, smaller apartments, an unattractive through-the-wall h/vac system and the fact that reaching the dining room and other common amenities required a walk outside!

Their ultimate choice was a community closest to their son (who they gave the shore house to so the family could still enjoy time together). It also had the advantage of being close to plenty of shopping. When they visited this community they had a very positive experience. First they attended a general meeting for future prospective residents in the auditorium where the sales rep gave a speech and answered questions. A lovely luncheon was followed by a tour of vacant apartments given by a resident of the community. They moved when she was 74 and her husband 82. And she says with great joy “it’s the best thing we’ve ever done”!