Focus Groups

2 ladies on the Terrace_6When in-depth information about customer opinions and preferences is important, focus groups may provide the information you need, especially when considering design features and product offerings.

Brecht has facilitated a variety of focus groups. Some are convened prior to any actual design being completed, gleaning the focus group participants’ early reactions to a community location and any ideas being considered. At other times the group’s focus is a very specific design element, like the plans for villa designs intended to appeal to a younger new resident. Focus groups can lend valuable insight into the perceptions of general and specific populations toward a community design or approach, such as developing a community in an urban area. A wide range of issues can be probed, and in addition to those previously mentioned  might include:

  • Services to be included or a la carte
  • Monthly fees and entrance fees
  • Common amenities
  • Types of programming