Compelling Benefits of Senior Housing

By September 10, 2020Uncategorized

There are so many benefits to living in a senior housing community.  First, let’s just consider the last word in that sentence – “community”.  This is the antidote to solitude and loneliness, two factors in the life of many people as they survive into their late 70’s and beyond.  Much has been written about the negative impact of loneliness on health – both mental and physical.  Senior housing provides the opportunity to meet and make new friends, engage in stimulating activities (no, not bingo!), and continue to learn.  Even in this age of Covid 19, we have learned from data published in recent  surveys that most people who have been planning a move to senior housing still intend to move.  Many decades ago, my mother-in-law moved to a wonderful Life Plan Community in the Pennsylvania suburbs, after her husband had died.  She knew people who lived there and actually hosted a reception for a couple who met and married there!  Moving to senior housing can represent a new beginning, and shouldn’t be thought of as the beginning of the end.