Why Active Adult?

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Active elderly adults golfing

On one of my morning walks along the Toms River I ran into a friend; one I often see when I am out getting my exercise. We stopped to chat, and he told me that he is moving to an active adult community, not far away. When I asked him why, here are some of the reasons he mentioned. First, he said that getting up and down steps was becoming more difficult for him. His current home requires that he use stairs just to get into his kitchen each day. He also pointed out that he lives alone and that as he ages, he wants to live somewhere that affords him the opportunity to make new friends who live just a few steps away. These struck me as affirmative reasons to make this move…ways in which he can improve the quality of his life both physically and socially. So, when I came back to the office (which, by the way, is in my home and looks out over the Toms River), I opened this month’s issue of Senior Housing Business and Matt Valley’s Editor’s Letter, right inside the front page, was titled” Active Adult Remains Investment Darling”, and mentioned that 34 percent of investors cite active adult as the biggest investment opportunity. So it appears that life quality and investment quality are merging in the Active Adult segment of the market.