A Poem by a Dear Friend

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My dear friend, Jean Billetter

I believe that music is a blessing I can hear. I believe that the time will never come when I am not filled with awesome wonder by the sun rising, the sun setting, the changing of the seasons, mighty mountains with peaks crowned by clouds. I believe that strong winds, lightning and thunder, sudden storms will always frighten and fascinate me.

I believe that I have an unending quantity of love that must be given unconditionally and with no restrictions or reservations. I believe that all life is a freely given gift, precious beyond measure, meant to be treasured, and treated with tenderness.

I believe that the better way to begin every day is with a prayerful petition for guidance and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

I believe that my life has a purpose. I believe that what I say and don’t say matters. I believe that what I do and don’t do, what I think and don’t think matters. And I believe that if I am willing to try and live by what I believe, my Almighty God will make me more able. And finally, I believe that every beginning has an ending.

By Jean Billetter

Susan Brecht moderating The Impact of Market Studies on New Development at Interface Conference, November 2017

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The Interface Seniors Housing Northeast Conference, held in Philadelphia on November 8th, included a dynamic session called “Getting Good Data: The Impact of Market Studies on New Development and How Projects are Underwritten”. The panelists included Rob Schiller from LCB Senior Living, Lana Peck from the NIC, and two more institutional players, Brian Sunday from AEW and Zach Bowyer from CBRE Valuation & Advisory Services. I moderated the panel, frequently inserting my own thoughts on the various topics we addressed. Some of the takeaways from this panel included the following:

  • Penetration rates are predicted to climb as interest in moving to senior housing communities increases. The level of education of a market influences acceptable penetration rates.
  • Consumer research is an important element that complements market feasibility studies.
  • We need to be more proactive as an industry about promoting the value and benefit of moving to a senior housing option before people are too frail to enjoy the environment.
  • Some suggested building new communities in markets where there is a lot of old product.
  • There are opportunities in “B” markets where there is less competition.

This session was very well attended and the audience responded enthusiastically. If you would like to hear our entire session, please click play on the audio file above.

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Notes from a Boomer!

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Last month, I finished reading the book Americanah by a Nigerian author named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is an incredible story of a Nigerian woman who immigrates to America and becomes famous with her blog about Black Americans and Black Non-Americans. Her blog entries are all included in the book.

Of course, this made me think about our new website which has a blog. Our website designer asked the team to name the blog. We came up with many ideas for naming the Brecht blog. The names that really stood out contained the word “Boomer” because so much of what we do is does or will have an impact on Baby Boomers. And many of us are part of the Boomer generation.

The name we settled on was Notes from a Boomer. The name gives us latitude to write about various topics from the boomer point of view – like Don’t Call Me A Senior, Aging in Community vs. Aging in Place, What Boomers Look for in Housing Later in Life, etc.  We hope the emails and blog posts will be as fun and interesting for you as it will be for us to write.