An Exciting Night at a CCRC

I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic program at a CCRC a few weeks ago. You may recall the blog I wrote about my sister-in-law called “It’s the Best Things We’ve Ever Done”. She was referring to their move to one of the retirement communities in Pennsylvania. Well the program was called “Love is in the Air” and it included musical performances and comedy routines all presented by the residents. It should have been called “enthusiasm, talent and joy is in the air” because that’s what it felt like for the performers and audience alike. We still are burdened by the belief that it’s only “care” that’s in the air, but It’s so much more than that. My sister –in-law (about to turn 81) said “we don’t feel old around here”! And the show that we enjoyed proved that over and over again. Hats off to you, Barbara Parsons, and to all of your pals.