This is an expression that has been used in many ways for many years. Fundamentally, it reflects the desire of a senior to remain in their home whether that is a house, a condo or an apartment. It represents a declaration of their independence and their ability to continue to take care of themselves without the formal help that would be available in a LifePlan or assisted living community, let alone a skilled nursing facility. Older consumers today are generally well educated about what their options are and they include not just retirement communities but some of the new non-age restricted rental products which include amazing amenities. As we Boomers age, I believe we may be even more stubborn about maintaining our independence and “aging in place”. I’ve heard another way of expressing this – “aging in community”. There is actually a website – and it reflects the Village movement with connections to the directory of Village Networks. Today there are over 200 open Villages and more than 150 in development in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Their plan is to add intergenerational cohousing neighborhoods, EcoVillages and intentional communities. So the concept of obtaining help through others in the community enabling people to remain where they are is gaining great traction, significantly broadening the options for seniors.