Contributions By Older Adults

By March 29, 2018Uncategorized

Happily, it is getting much more difficult to write off older adults in terms of what they continue to contribute to society. At a recent ASHA meeting we discussed how important it is to ask residents what it is that they still want to accomplish in their lives. A number of years ago, a friend in the industry told me that when a new resident moved to his community that was one of the first questions he asked of them as he got to know them. An older gentleman responded “well, I always wanted to be a teacher, but I had to do something else to make more money for my family”. That prompted my friend to go over to the local high school to see if they needed any tutors or mentors and the response was an enthusiastic “yes”! So shortly after that, the resident found himself spending time with students at that school. Also, all you have to do is look at the world of the arts to see further examples. Writers such as Joyce Carol Oates and James Salter continued to publish novels in later life. In fact, Salter’s last novel was published at the age of 88, just two years before he passed away. And no one can convince me that Mick Jagger has lost his “mojo”. Just take a look at the film of his latest concert tour in Cuba which attracted nearly a half-million fans!