Senior housing trends watchers are increasingly enamored with the growth of urban housing offerings for people 65 and better. These new developments are making the most of two important things: 1. Retrofitting old buildings and building new ones with contemporary design features and 2. Making the most of the surrounding urban amenities.


Brecht Associates began in 1990. At that time there was an eagerness to move out to the suburbs and for the most part, that’s where Life Plan communities grew. However, Boomers were living in urban centers, infusing themselves with lively and diverse arts, cultural and social scenes. In fact many of today’s retirees were the people in positions of leadership making cities the vibrant places they are now.


This may explain the current renaissance in our urban core, with people of all ages wanting to live in cities once more.


The truth is that people will continue to live in both environments and the industry will benefit from having a broad, long-range view about the appeal of different locales. Life Plan community operators must make the most of their surroundings, whether urban, suburban or rural and highlight their connection to the community at large.


Speaking of urban communities, I recently had the pleasure of addressing the Mary Wade board of directors in downtown New Haven. This is an extraordinary community that has served the low income residents of New Haven well. They now aim to broaden their appeal with a proposed market rate assisted living building. My presentation included current trends that will help Mary Wade continue to serve their community and attract more residents to their downtown location.


Finally, we are delighted that Sandi Fein was elected Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Sandi Fein has been an active associate with Brecht Associates, Inc. for more than 25 years. As a member of the Brecht consulting team, Sandi has conducted numerous market feasibility studies, and she continues to serve as a consultant specializing in qualitative interviewing on behalf of clients.   She is currently a member of the Quality of Care and Community Health Advocacy Committee of the Deborah Hospital Trustees. Sandi is enthusiastic about the opportunity to lead the Trustees and help guide the organization in continuing to fulfill its’ mission of life-saving service to the community.

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