Exceeding Expectations Everyday

For the past 30 years, hundreds of clients from cities, towns and states across this country have come to Brecht Associates, ready to build new, expand or renovate existing communities, or add new services, knowing we have the experience and the pulse of the latest trends. Clients know they can depend on Brecht Associates to report a reliable, quantifiable, and clear picture of their market, positioning them for success.

Our clients include for-profit and non-profit organizations, existing communities aspiring to update or grow their campus and service offerings, developers and operators looking to build, universities wanting to offer seniors the opportunity for lifelong learning, and health care facilities seeking to expand their continuum of services. Brecht Associates delivers results with a comprehensive understanding of local market data so that the answers to your most pressing questions become clear.

Brecht Associates is committed to providing an independent analysis based on sound quantitative and qualitative research supporting practical, actionable recommendations. Clients appreciate our dedication to precision and accuracy as well as our creativity.